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A typology of fruit I shot and developed for a conceptual photography class using $1 foam boards and a Canon T6s.


Below are a selection of portraits I completed for a digital photography class captured on a Canon T6s. For this shoot, I wanted to capturing the stylings of my two (very fashionable) friends using angular shots and stark contrast.

Video Interviews

Melissa Airy – Performance Artist

Melissa Airy, a University of Iowa Intermedia graduate student, explains her perception of what intermedia is along with her role in it. Airy says that intermedia is a new and upcoming art form and explores ways to engage a bigger audience. A recent performance, “It’s Time We Talk,” curated by Airy, gave students and other artists an opportunity to perform and explore intermedia as a new art form. Kylie Gava, a performer from “It’s Time We Talk” is a student in Melissa’s TA class and describes her experience with Melissa in the classroom and performance space.

“They call it weird or strange, but that just tells me people aren’t exposed to it yet.”

Melissa Airy

Ryan Baker – Owner of World of Bikes

Ryan Baker, owner of World of Bikes, reflects on the Iowa City biking community and his role in it.

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